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Logix Bio

Stud Book’s clients identified the need to store biological samples in a central location and in an orderly way. This led to the development of the Logix Bio service.

Breeders’ Societies increasingly require the storage of a biological sample of important herd sires. This ensures that should the animal's DNA sample be needed in the future for parentage verification or even genomics, the samples will be available, thus ensuring that important animals’ DNA is not lost and it is accessible, even if the animal has already died.

The advantage to store biological samples of your stud animals is that parentage verification or even genomics can be done on this animal in the future. This advantage justifies the effort and cost of collecting and storing samples in Logix Bio. It can even be used in stock theft cases and forensic investigations.

These developments compelled Stud Book to offer the service at an affordable price. At this stage only tail hair can be stored on Stud Book’s premises. Blood and other samples can be stored off-site in a controlled environment. The cost entails a once-off fee of R30 for hair samples of which the sample reference number is stored in Logix with the animal's information.

Printed envelopes for this purpose are available from Stud Book and breeders are advised to take samples of at least their stud sires. If the breeder does not have printed envelopes he may use any paper envelope with the animal's number recorded on it. Please note that no plastic bags are suitable because the hair follicles are damaged and the DNA destroyed.

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