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SA Stud Book Mission

SA Stud Book's Mission

The mission of SA Stud Book is to be a significant role player in the genetic improvement of animals in South Africa, while its vision is to develop exceptional domestic animals and establish them as a sustainable resource and treasure for all South Africans.

SA Stud Book’s mission and vision are realised through its core business, namely:

  • the registration and recording of the birth and ownership information of purebred animals,
  • the continuous updating of these animals’ pedigree information,
  • the recording of production data,
  • the processing of the integrated pedigree and production data into genetic analyses.

SA Stud Book has its offices in Bloemfontein and its business is handled by a general manager and four divisional managers. The five divisions of SA Stud Book comprise:

  • Data recording services
  • Production recording
  • Information technology
  • Finance and administration
  • Genomic and advisory services

SA Stud Book Association is registered as a Registering Authority under the Animal Improvement Act 1998 (Act 62 of 1998) and consist of 63 breeders’ societies, being the members of SA Stud Book. These include 26 cattle, 15 small stock and 16 horse breeders’ societies, as well as six breeders’ societies for other species. These breeders’ societies represent the interests of 77 different animal breeds. Apart from these breeds, SA Stud Book also handles the registrations of 29 other breeds, namely direct entry breeds: minor breeds that do not have a breeders’ society.

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